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September 3/4

Jesus is Baptized
Memory Verse:
 "Anyone who believes and is Baptized will be saved."
Mark 16:16

Discussion Questions for Parents:
1. Who was John the Baptist?
2. Why did John baptize Jesus?

September 10/11

Jesus is Tempted
Memory Verse:
"You must worship the Lord your God and serve only Him."
Matthew 4:10

Discussion Questions for Parents:
1. Why was Jesus in the wilderness?
2. What was the last thing Jesus said to Satan? Why did He say that?

September 17/18

Nets Full of Fish
Memory Verse: 
"A real friend sticks closer than a brother". Proverbs 18:24

Discussion Questions for Parents:
1. Why did people gather around Jesus?

September 23/24

Jesus' Friends
Memory Verse: 
"Jesus called out to them, "Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!"

Discussion Questions for Parents: 
1. What did each of the Disciples do when Jesus asked them to follow him?

Weekend Kids Church

Kids Programs are offered for all children ages 0-12 during all main services at the Gilbert and East Mesa campuses. All children will enjoy worship, games, bible stories and fun!

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out is a weekly Saturday service at 5pm at the Gilbert Campus, followed by free childcare until 10:00pm.  The children enjoy dinner, crafts, games, sports, special activities and more! For infants-5th grade.


Chapel is a program offered to local public schools, hosted by Life Community Church. Parents can give permisson for their child to go over to Life Community Church for up to 45 minutes every week for Chapel.  Chapel feature games, worship, bible stories and more. Life Community is offering Chapel at 2 Leading Edge Academy campuses and Autism Academy.

Special Events

Life Community offers a variety of special events multiple times every year including Kids Day Out, KidCon, Summer Camp and more! The goal of every event to allow our children an opportunity to grow their faith, make friends and have fun.